Famous Bias Wheel Attacks

The most famous bias wheel attack was carried out by Joseph Jaggers. Mr. Jaggers, with a team of 6 employees, timed the wheels of Monte Carlo roulette. They found only one wheel showing a significant bias. Thanks to his biased wheel attack, Mr. Jaggers managed to walk away with € 325,000, a considerable sum in 1873 !!

(Read more at: Joseph Jaggers’ Bias Wheel Attack). More recently, in the early 90s, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo noted a considerable number of roulette wheel sightings at the Madrid casino.

He then used a computer to do a statistical analysis of his collection of observations. As expected, he found statistical evidence of skewed wheels. He then used a rotating team of family members to bet on the most likely numbers. Once the owners of the singapore online casino de Madrid realized what was going on, they banned Gonzalo from entering the entire casino. The casino operators went further, suing Gonzalo. The Spanish courts ruled in favor of Gonzalo, ruling that he did not influence the actual operation of the casino’s roulette wheels. Gonzalo has managed to earn over a million euros over several years.

Execution advice

You need to decide how much of the observed bias you want to accept before committing much of your funds to an attack. Some people will not accept anything below 1 in 25 while others might be happy with 1 in 30, the higher the bias you want, the less likely you will find a wheel that has such a bias. but on the other hand, the greater the bias, the lower the financial risk during the attack and the faster you will accumulate gains. At the other extreme, a bias of only 1 in 34 is probably too small to make a decent profit and may more likely indicate a short-term deviation.

You have to make a large number of observations without showing it to the casino operators. Depending on the casino environment, there are a few ways to accomplish this but you will need to determine the best way based on the given situation. Some casinos have pokies or slot machines near the roulette tables, this allows you to sit at a slot machine for long periods of time while watching the numbers coming out of the roulette from a distance. You can lead a rotating team of watchers to time the roulette wheel for a short period of time each. You can use a video camera to record roulette numbers while appearing to be betting blindly.

The main thing is not to be spotted recording many numbers.

While bias wheel attacks are not illegal, tigawin33 casinos will use their right to refuse entry for trivial reasons in order to stop your attack. If they are cunning, they can change the wheels before a biased wheel attack.

You should also be aware of the casino’s program regarding the maintenance of the wheels and their possible rotation. You should start timing right after a maintenance and continue until the next maintenance. If you find a way to categorically define a specific roulette wheel, it may be interesting to see if the potential bias continues after a normal maintenance check.

This is more of a guess, but I know of a variation of the standard timing. I cannot communicate it, but the way casinos check for possible wheel bias does not correspond to actual roulette game operations. If you can guess it, you will see a big difference between the casino’s own biased wheel checks and determining the actual wheel imperfections.

Successfully leading a biased wheel attack requires a lot of patience, cunning, and skill. It may not give you the adrenaline rush like in a flash, but when you walk out of a casino without getting caught after an attack, you’ll get high too. Well worth it for those who wish to try. Remember, with the casino aware of the potential for bias wheel attacks, you only have a brief window of opportunity between wheel maintenance, so you need to be organized and ready to act quickly. Show yourself satisfied with having won a few great winning sessions. If you are too sighted or if you are spotted, you will be placed on a blacklist.

Either way, I hope you find this introduction to bias wheel attacks helpful!